Although Japan is famously recognized as one of the most advanced countries in the world, contemporary Japanese society still incorporates many traditional elements.

A jitsu-in (literally meaning “actual/true seal” or personal seal) .The actual seal is the Hanko that has been officially accepted by the owner of the Hanko, who has applied for a seal registration at the municipal office or government office where he / she has registered as a resident. Only one person can be registered.

In addition, even if it looks like a seal, a seal that is not registered cannot be called a seal. The seal is the most important stamp among stamps, and it involves legal and social rights and obligations. The real seal is made with the full name, but it is made very carefully so that people with the same name and the same name will not have the same seal (Hanko).

you’re a Freelancer and you need to sign a contract with a company, you need a jitsu-in. The same way you need this to buy or rent a house or anytoher personal contract. So, it`s very important here you need this type of stamp or seal.